A Double Interview with Fiberhaven Mavens

Alternative title: Building bridges. 
Another alternative title: When you want to make something, just make it.

In this episode I interviewed my business partners at Fiberhaven Mavens.

Karolyne is a jewelry-maker, mother of two, and a Baptist Christian. We discussed building bridges between creative people from different paths, and her new company, Pixie Elegance. She can be found at: 

@KaySlominator on Twitter
@pixieelegance on Twitter
@pixieelegancegifts on Instagram
Pixie Elegance on Facebook

Amber is an eclectic pagan, multi-talented creative, and mother of three. We discussed bullet journaling, and making the thing you feel like making when you feel like making it. She can be found at: 

@ambermaven on instagram

Together the three of us make up the collaborative shop Fiberhaven Mavens.

The show’s intro/outro music is from the song “Turner’s Rebellion” by Trisha Morey which can be found here: https://youtu.be/KXCYs5dw7rE

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