Learn to Knit Kits

Over the years friends, family and strangers have showered me in knitting-related gifts, and I remain ever-grateful for this support. I consider knitting to be a life-changing craft/art/hobby and I want to pay it forward.

From the collection of supplies I have accrued over the years I have begun assembling Learn to Knit kits. Each kit comes with the supplies needed to complete your first knitting project. There are videos for nearly all the techniques up on the Stitch and Witch YouTube Channel.

Though the kits are free (except for shipping costs) and the supplies are largely donated supplies, there are printing costs, hosting costs, etc. If you’d like to contribute to those costs you can send a one time payment to PayPal or become a monthly supporter over at Patreon.

To obtain a Learn to Knit Kit fill out the form below, let me know that you’re interested in a kit, and tell me if you have a favorite/least favorite color, as well as if you’re getting a kit for an adult or a child. I will send out kits as they become available on a first come, first serve basis.